Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas

Shabby Chic Decor has been something that I fell in love with about 10 years ago and have since implemented it into the decor of my home over time as I have found pieces here and there. Here’s a few tips to help you implement the elegance of Shabby Chic into your home decor…

First thing to remember is that the creator of Shabby Chic and the author of the books on the topic, Rachel Ashwell, white washes nearly everything. This is to blend different pieces together that may be made of different styles of wood. Rachel occasionally will leave a piece with it’s original paint if it is of very soft pastel shades of buttercream yellow, baby blue, sage green, or a soft pink. These subtle tones add style and graciousness to the antique white that is the normal color of shabby chic furniture.

Another thing to remember is the use of slipcovers in the decor. Rachel uses generally white denim slip covers or a linen slip cover in either white or one of the subtle shades mentioned above to coer sofas and chairs. Occasionally, in her books, Rachel mentions using a slipcover with a light colored print. Rachel has designed many to die for gorgeous fabrics and a line of home decor bedding and bath products with her fabrics such as comforters, window treatments, blinds, sheets and pillowcases.

When making over a dresser or night stand Rachel uses old fashioned real depression glass knobs and drawer pulls. I have added these to my furniture for simply elegant results. I am sure you will love the look of depression glass knobs when added to a vintage dresser.

Also remember when adding the shabby chic look into your decor; add vintage items with character. If something looks modern it won’t blend in with the time worn, old fashioned look that makes the shabby look so comfortable, elegant and enchanting. Modern decor just doesn’t mesh with the beauty and style of this type of decor.

This can be done by shopping around at antique stores and flea markets for beautiful vintage and cottage style pieces of furniture and fabrics, even bedding items can be found. Many items can also be found online that make adding this decor style to your home easy and enjoyable, even for those who may not want to make over furniture, but rather prefer a ready made piece.

Don’t be in a rush, take your time to add things to your decor piece by fabulous piece, and you’re sure to come up with a look that you will treasure and will make you feel surrounded by beauty and style.

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