A Dorm Like Bedroom For Teens

If you have two teen boys in your home, chances are you probably separate them a lot because they argue over territory in the bedroom. There is a way to put an end to all of that and it isn’t going to cost you a second mortgage. Decorating a teen’s room is fun and exciting. If they want to, they can help you otherwise, you can decorate it anyway you want to.

Dorms are small rooms however; there is a place for everything. A dorm room is usually shared by more than one person at a time and there are boundaries in the room so that separation is possible. When you have two teen boys sharing a room, you may want to decorate it dorm style so you can cut down the arguing and everyone can manage to get a long. If teens have their own space even while sharing a room, they will get along better because they will feel individualized.


Teens need their own personal space in their room. The bed is usually the one place that they have that they don’t have to share with anyone else. The most common types of beds for teen’s rooms are twin beds. You can replace those twin beds with dorm beds. These beds are sold online in a variety of styles to choose from. Most of them contain a twin-sized bed on a top bunk and then underneath the bed is a place to put a desk, television, and a recliner. This gives them their own individualized space. Place area rugs at the area underneath the bed, each one being a different color, for example orange rugs and white rugs on one side; brown rugs and blue rugs on the other.


A closet for each teen would be ideal however, if space will not allow it then try to arrange their room so that each one has a corner to place a dresser. You can purchase an adjustable closet rod that will hold a certain amount of weight. You can extend it from the side of the dresser to the wall. This can be used for things that must hang up and everything else can go in the drawers. If they have too many clothes to fit in a dress, which most of the time teens do, you can give them a storage box to place everything else and they can keep it in the attic or basement.

Sitting Area

You can place a sofa, coffee table, and television in the middle of the floor so they can both share the same sitting area in the bedroom. If the room is small, try placing two recliners instead of a sofa or you can use beanbag chairs. You just need a place for them to sit down and watch television.


You can accessorize with neutral colors. Throw pillows, curtains, and lampshades are just some of the accessories that you can add to complete the look. If they don’t have a desk under their dorm beds, place a desk somewhere in the room so they do have the opportunity to sit at the desk to do work, study, or just read a book.

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